sarah + ian . minneapolis wedding photography


i think sarah and ian are proof that opposites attract. she’s outgoing and spunky, he’s calm and reserved. but together they make a perfect pair. both of them are sentimental and sweet as can be to each other. i loved watching them open their gifts and read the letters they wrote to each other…it got me a little teary too. and they’re not only sweet to each other, they’re beyond kind, welcoming and inviting to their friends and family as well. cruising along the mississippi with their closest loved ones was a perfect way to spend a saturday morning.

on a personal note….sarah got ready at the grand hotel in downtown minneapolis, where i got ready for my wedding as well. and would you know, her makeup artist did MY make up 7 years ago! it was fun to catch up with sarah again and take a little trip down memory lane that morning.