life in the gray home . october


while i love my job and the freedom and flexibility it gives me, one of the hardest parts of being a photographer is the fall months. it’s my busy season, and while i’m thankful for work, it means my family time  suffers a bit this time of year.  with this being the busiest year so far we missed out on both the apple orchard and the pumpkin patch family trips.

we did manage to squeeze in trick-or-treating again this year, but i was a bit disappointed. we live in a neighborhood that doesn’t trick-or-treat so we look for other places to celebrate. last year we did the minnesota children’s museum member night and this year we tried out the como zoo “zoo boo”. i had no idea we couldn’t see the animals and that we’d be outside only allowed to follow the path they laid out for us. we were not dressed for cold. and it was crowded. boo. i took the girls to the mall of america on halloween night since nick was at a church youth group party. that was a little better. indoors and we had freedom. the crowds got crazy as we were finishing, and it was a late night, but we scored better candy and stayed warm.

lana was dedicated and church this month and is so close to crawling. mariah has mastered the computer and loves to do her little preschool program for a bit each afternoon.

now that my weekends are less full and i have less editing to do, i’m able to soak in more family time and i’m so grateful for each moment with them.