i’m a minimalistic gal.

i believe the best things in life are free…. dancing in the kitchen, watching children play, losing yourself in the perfect book, snuggles and kisses from loved ones, the smell of office supplies (yeah, it’s true), and the beautiful sound of silence in this fast paced world.

i’ve always been a quiet observer, soaking up life’s simple moments in hopes to remember them longer. i’m thankful photography allows me to hold on to a little piece of those moments and look back at the small things i might have otherwise forgotten.

my goal in working with you is to discover what moments you treasure most in order to capture those unique memories. i value relationships and believe knowing you on a personal level allows me to focus in on the little details that make your session genuine and most meaningful.

sessions are relaxed to allow interaction and playtime while i observe and capture genuine emotions. there’s no pressure to “say cheese” or hold awkward poses.


i’m a wife, a mother, and a child of God in addition to being  a photographer. i limit my sessions each month in order to give my best in each of the roles i serve.

when i have unplugged spare time, i’m a dancer, a knitter, a reader and an aspiring baker. a few of my favorite things…in no particular order:  sushi, my nookcolor, purple, zumba, leggings and boots, silence, the smell of office supplies, italy in the summer, snuggles from my daughters, wisdom and laughter from my husband, and hot chocolate.

and yes, even though i have a degree in english education, i choose to write in all lowercase letters. maybe it’s the minimalistic side of me that likes it so much.

throughout this blog, i share quite a bit about my own personal story and the moments i’m soaking in during this time of my life. come join me and my little family in these posts HERE.






photos by lindsay may photography