2012 model call: free lifestyle sessions


don’t consider yourself a model? well good, because i’m not looking for runway models…. i’m looking for families or couples who want to join me on mini adventures. mini adventures where you play and i document the fun. why? well this year i’m taking on a challenge for myself in order to refine my style and stretch […]

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grandparents . project 52.8


my parents spent a week with us to visit their newest granddaughter. i wish they lived closer so they could spend more time with our girls.     . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . […]

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snuggles. project 52.7


i’ve missed posting my project 52 photos over the last few weeks, but i’m still taking the photos. most spare moments i have are spent snuggling my little lana or napping. this week i’m starting to get my energy back and i hope to get back to some regular office time a few times a […]

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lana . project 52.6


oh i’m so in love with this little one.  i could kiss and snuggle her all day. she’s doing so well, and even gone 5 and 7 hours between feedings at night a few times. we are so blessed! headband from megan crown photography . . . . . . . . . . . […]

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wall gallery insipration

wall gallery

i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again….don’t let your precious photos get trapped on your computer. make sure you’re printing and displaying them so you and your family can enjoy them everyday. easier said than done, right? i’m right there with you. i want to print those photos and have them cover the […]

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photo books from

my publisher photobook-1

i was raised by a scrapbooking mother. she put little captions and cute stickers in those old sticky photo albums way back when and later began selling and hosting parties for creative memories from our home. we always took tons of photos then printed them, chose the best ones, cut them into cute shapes and […]

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pretty in pink . nursery + toddler room decor


the girls’ room is finally complete! are you ready for the big reveal? well, i’m going to make you wait a bit. unless you can’t resist and you MUST scroll down for a peek. first of all let me tell you about this…since i’ve started working from home, something new has begun…. i’m completing projects […]

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benjamin: twin cities baby photography


rolly polly babies have a special place in my heart since my mariah was one, and i’m pretty sure this next one will be too. nick and i were both 9lbs at birth, so we’re destined to have chunky children. but i love those little rolls and chubs with all my heart.

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twin cities newborn photography: baby grace


*ahem* some important info first: before i get to the sweet photos of grace, keep in mind that september sessions are now full. october only has two openings, and mini sessions are filling up fast – don’t put off scheduling your family photos or they may not happen. i’ll be taking families until november 11th, and […]

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minneapolis newborn photography: leo

i’m playing catch up on lots of long overdue projects, but i had to share this little one today. little baby leo. he’s blessed with two wonderful parents and a supportive extended family…which includes two cousins that will be born within the same month – how fun will that be as he grows up?!

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