dustin + lindsay . minnesota state fair


when i set up my monthly project, i immediately decided august had to be a state fair session. then as it got closer i got really nervous about it. what  was i thinking?!  those crowds! i’d have to be on top of my couple in order to get photos of them. luckily i was wrong. […]

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2012 model call: free lifestyle sessions


don’t consider yourself a model? well good, because i’m not looking for runway models…. i’m looking for families or couples who want to join me on mini adventures. mini adventures where you play and i document the fun. why? well this year i’m taking on a challenge for myself in order to refine my style and stretch […]

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wall gallery insipration

wall gallery

i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again….don’t let your precious photos get trapped on your computer. make sure you’re printing and displaying them so you and your family can enjoy them everyday. easier said than done, right? i’m right there with you. i want to print those photos and have them cover the […]

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photo books from

my publisher photobook-1

i was raised by a scrapbooking mother. she put little captions and cute stickers in those old sticky photo albums way back when and later began selling and hosting parties for creative memories from our home. we always took tons of photos then printed them, chose the best ones, cut them into cute shapes and […]

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devon + andrew: winchester, va wedding photography

geez, what do i write about this wedding? my little brother. married. *sigh* my little brother is six and a half years younger than me (to the day, thank you very much), and in my mind he will always be 9 years old. i left for college when he was 12, and we see each other […]

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fall 2011 mini sessions: saint paul

this year’s mini sessions are coming in october! these sessions are great for family portraits, maternity photos, or to document a child’s milestone and are just in time for the holidays.  a mini session is a quick 30 minute session for up to five people that takes place at an outdoor location in saint paul. if you’d like […]

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bridget + cory: married

Whelp. I did it. I photographed my first wedding! This was my first baby step to test out the waters of the wedding photography world. My friend Carissa was in her brother’s wedding this past weekend, so I stepped in to help document the day. She guided me along and I was thankful to have […]

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The importance of NOW


This week at  my full time job I’m teaching one of my favorite class lessons.  I have my students tell me about a current problem they are having.  I then ask them to come up with three possible solutions to solve that problem.  THEN I tell them they have ten minutes to leave the classroom and […]

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Enlighten goPRO Workshop {Part III: the butt kicking}


After spending day and night upgrading the website, I’m back to blog again one last time about my workshop last month. Has it really been almost an entire month since I jetted off the southern California?  I’d like to go back now that I’m looking at a white-out and around a foot of snow on […]

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Snowy Valentine’s Day Session


I have now spent eight winters in Minnesota. I still haven’t fully excepted the winters here. I do not own snow pants. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve gone out to play in the snow. Yes, that means I keep my daughter inside. I let her daycare provider take her […]

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